Welcome to Sadie’s Adventures

Sadie, a miniature Goldendoodle came to live in her forever home in March of 2014. Her mom, Terri, had just retired and wanted some company. So, she took her daughter, Lora, to Tipton, Indiana to pick up Sadie. She was a very mischievous puppy! Sadie liked to bite and chew. She also really liked to go on walks and take rides in the car. Follow Sadie in her new book series, Once Upon A Golden Doodle, and you will experience the fun and joy of living life through a dog’s eye!

Sadie’s Book Series

Check out Once Upon A Goldendoodle… Sadie’s First Year’s book award:

Award of Literary Excellence

The Once Upon A  Goldendoodle book series is available in both paperback and hardcover versions.  Please see links below each book title.

Once Upon A Goldendoodle… Sadie’s First Year

In book 1 of the series, explore with Sadie as she experiences her first year in her forever home.

“This book is charming!  Kids of all ages will cheer for Sadie the goldendoodle as she enjoys her first year of puppyhood.  Curious Sadie gets into mischief as she explores her new world, but her people parents train her with plenty of love and patience. The author poses questions that show how Sadie’s puppy actions and behaviors may be similar to a child’s actions and behaviors, which can easily lead to interesting conversations with parents.  But this book doesn’t preach, it entertains.  The illustrations made me laugh out loud with delight!”

Peggy Everett

Dog Ear Publishing Editor

Once Upon A Goldendoodle…
Sadie Takes a Walk

Join Sadie as she walks through her old neighborhood before moving to the big woods.

Once Upon A Goldendoodle… Sadie’s First Roadtrip

The next book in the Once Upon A Goldendoodle series…

The Aaron Michael Willard Fund

Find out more about Sadie’s favorite charity

Sadie loves her forever home and her people parents, Kevin and Terri.  In fact, Sadie loves them so much she would like to invite you to support the Aaron Michael Willard Fund which was established in honor of Kevin and Terri’s first-born son, Aaron, who passed away at 18 months old.

The Aaron Michael Willard Fund is in partnership with Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis, IN, and provides parents who have a child being treated for a serious medical condition with emergency, short-term financial assistance during this most challenging time.

Sadie also wants you to know that 100% of the profits from the sale of her books in the Once Upon A Goldendoodle series are donated to this fund.

See the impact the fund has had so far!

To donate to the Aaron Michael Willard Fund, please click on the paw print or Riley logo below.

Once Upon A Goldendoodle is a registered 501c3 non profit organization